Slant Six Racing News (SSRN) Points Race Rules  (2003 Up-date)


Slant Six points racing is a “run what you brung” bracket class, run on a “dial-in” handicap basis.

Most events are run on the 1/4 mile and use a .5 “Sportsman” tree for starting the race.

( 3 yellow light count down, then green)

This is “anything goes” drag racing, as long as the engine is a Mopar Slant Six in basic design.



-Points are earned by participating in the Slant 6 points races to be held as part of the events shown on the current years schedule.

-Points are earned by the driver, but all cars participating must be Slant 6 powered

-Car restrictions such as minimum weight or type of vehicle do not apply to points racers.

(Note, Fast Four and club record application have other rules and restrictions, see those rules for details)

-A driver can earn points in different cars at different events, as long as they are all Slant 6 powered


Races / Events

-Slant 6 points races will be run on a dial-in handicap basis.

-There are no restrictions on the use of electronic devices such as delay boxes.

-It is not necessary to participate in the Slant 6 time trials or “qualifying” sessions to be in the points race.

(Note: If you do not have a qualifying time, you will be paired with a competitor at the discretion of SSRN or the track)

-Each track / event may require that the Slant 6 points racers pay an additional entry fee or have other restrictions on the bracket classes / races the Slant 6 racer can also participate in at that event.

-If you meet the tracks entry / tech requirements and show-up in the staging lanes for the first Slant 6 round of eliminations, you are in.

-Slant 6 points race may be shifted between Saturday and Sunday of the event weekend without penalty.

-If for any reason, a Slant 6 race is not held on it’s scheduled weekend, no points will be awarded for that event.



-Points are awarded as follows:

-Your car is in the pits and is entered in the Slant 6 bracket race, for each race entered: 1 point

-For each round win (including “bye runs”)  in the Slant 6 points race: 10 points

-Total round win points will be counted for up to 4 Slant 6 points events for each driver. If you participate in more then 4 points events, you will be credited with the points earned at your four best races.

-The one (1) point awarded for each Slant 6 race attended will always be awarded. This is NOT limited to the 4 best races like round win points. Our hope is that these entry points will help eliminate ties in final point totals.

-To encourage attendance at smaller events, the over all winner of those points races will be guaranteed 41 points. If less the 9 cars are entered / run, the winner’s points will be the same as if the win took four (4) rounds to decide.

-If there is a tie in the top 10 at the end of the year, the final standings will be determined by the flip of a coin.



Pairing and Bye Runs

-Unless racers agree-on and take responsibility for coordinating another “match-up” / pairing system, pairing and bye runs will be determined by the track personnel and their decision(s) are final. Unless a ladder is being followed to predetermine the pairings, round win points will only be awarded for races actually won or bye runs actually made. (stage-in and back-outs allowed on set ladder bye runs only)

-If there is no ladder and two (2) cars are left in competition, that is the final. In a ladder race, if there are two bye run cars at the starting line for the final, the two racers and the track’s starter may agree to forgo what could be two single runs and run one race for the final. (no stage and back-out needed) In this case, both racers will be awarded 10 points for the bye run they did not make. The winner of the round will also get 10 round win points. (Ladder race only)


Fast Four

A special feature at larger SSRN Points events is the Fast Four match-up. This feature will usually be run on the day after the Slant 6 points race (Sunday) and it is intended to “show case” the fastest Slant 6 cars at that event.

This special race will take the fastest four (4) cars (based on qualification / time trials) and run them off for a “winner”.

Fast Four races will be run “Heads-up” with no dial-in times or “handicap”. The race will be started on a .5  “Sportsman” tree. ( 3 yellows, then green)

Fast Four is open to all “Doorslammer” Slant 6 powered vehicles, anything goes.

The four quickest doorslammer ETs from the Slant 6 qualifying session will be eligible for the race. If one or more of those cars elect not to run in the Fast Four or can not make the call, the fifth quickest qualifer goes in, and so on.

Pairings will be based on qualifying times, the fastest time, # 1 paired with # 3, then # 2 with # 4.

This is the set pairing for all Fast Four races.


Rookie of the year

SSRN will honor each racing season’s “Rookie of the Year” with a special plaque.

This award will go to the Slant 6 points racer that scores the highest number of points during that season and has entered no more then one (1) SSRN Points race before this season.



SSRN will make every effort to have a representative at all the scheduled points events in order to keep track of entrants and round wins.  If we can not be there, it is up to the racers to keep track of the entrants at the event and how the elimination rounds progressed. Please ask the track’s tower personnel to keep the print-outs for the Slant 6 bracket race rounds and make a list of car numbers and names of the racers at the event.

Send information along with any photos you may have to the SSRN so we can include the results in the news letter and on the web site. (Please take photos and send us information even if we are there at the race, we need all the help we can get!)


2003 Points Pay-outs – Awarded at the season end party - $4000.00 split between the top ten racers!!


1st        $1000

2nd       $ 800

3rd        $ 600

4th        $ 400

5 & 6  - $ 300 (each)

7 & 8  - $ 200 (each)

9 &10 - $ 100 (each)