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Quirky carburetors
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Author:  SlantSixDan [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Quirky carburetors

I've been meaning for some time to post some pictures of seldom-seen factory slant-6 carburetors. No reason in particular aside from pure geeky interest.

First, here's a one-year-only Bendix Stromberg Model W, found on some 1963 B- and C-body cars with 225 engine:



The carb is simple and well designed (no gaskets below fuel level, nice quality castings). I ran one of these on my '71 Dart; it worked well. It was still on the car when I sold it, and when I last heard from the new owner, it was still working well.

Now, here's a Bendix Technico Model BXUV-3, found on some 1967-1969 Australian Valiants with 225 engine:



Bendix Australia used both "Technico" and "Stromberg" for their carburet(t)or design and manufacturing division. I'm interested in the similarities and differences between the Australian BXUV and the American W.

"BXUV" was actually a model designator used on American Stromberg 1bbls of the '30s through '50s. This carburetor shares no design with those, though.

The general layout and shape of the Australian BXUV is similar to that of the American W. The BXUV, though, uses a separate cast-iron(!) throttle body rather than a unitized light metal venturi-float bowl-throttle body casting as with the W. Throttle lever is secured to the shaft by nuts and lockwashers, rather than permanently staked. The bowl vent linkage is different and interesting on the BXUV (it passes up through the float bowl casting, much like the '62-'63 Holley 1920). The fast idle cam has a larger counterbalance weight area. And of course, the BXUV has an external diaphragm-type choke pull off, which was a design feature introduced across the Chrysler lineup for 1964, rather than the '63 W carb's internal vacuum piston. Not visible: The W uses a plastic float, while the BXUV has a brass one.

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