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Author:  SlantSixDan [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  New Old Parts Source

There's a business called Old Car Parts Northwest in Kent, Washington. It's run by a guy who's been collecting new parts since 1970, and now has a giant warehouse full. Much of it is inventoried and catalogued; much of it is not. Literal tons of ignition, fuel, emissions and electrical parts — switches of all kinds, ignition components, EGR and PCV valves, carb kits and floats, chokes and choke pull-offs, etc. Brake pads, shoes, cylinders, cylinder repair kits, cables, drums, and rotors. Hard engine parts (rings, bearings, lifters, valves, etc.), gaskets (not yet inventoried), transmission overhaul sets, mufflers and exhaust components, fuel-oil-water pumps. He has several hundred brand-new slant-6 electronic ignition distributors in stock, p/n 3874714, 3874082, 3874929, and 3874849, as well as V8 units. He's likewise got a whackload of brand-new Chrysler alternators (mostly 60 and 78 amp, though I saw some 41-amp units, too). New Chrysler starters and components, racks and racks of filters, a whole wall of spark plugs, another wall of breaker points. Blower motors, wiper motors, clutch kits, turn signal flashers...engine mounts..I can't possibly list all he has, and most of it is high-quality American-made stuff in as-new condition. No, he hasn't got any slant-6 engines! :lol: I've bought from him a few times, and having now spent a few hours in his warehouse, I'm comfortable recommending him here.

He's not out to offload his parts at fire-sale prices, but neither is he out to gouge anyone. $75 for a brand-new Chrysler starter or distributor, and $50 for a brand-new Chrysler alternator...these are reasonable, realistic prices, as it seems to me. Watch it on the starters, though; some of them have more shelf wear (exposure/rust) than you'd want to deal with. He's very knowledgeable about the parts he has, and doesn't charge to search for the parts you want unless you pester him with a request that's going to take days to fulfill (if you're looking for a particular date code on your alternator or whatever, you're going to pay for the search...but if you ask for a Chrysler alternator with single pulley, between 60 and 78 amps, as clean a case as possible, then no charge for the search). He has extensive catalogues (another wall full of them) and catalogues most of the repair parts by common numbers (Standard, Echlin, etc.).

Old Car Parts Northwest
1120 SW 16th St. #7
Renton, WA 98057
Phone: 425-572-0764

Author:  SlantSixDan [ Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

Some of the distributors are warehoused in their Chrysler boxes, some just in plastic wrap, but from what I could see they're all "as new" with no shelf wear or corrosion from exposure to the elements, etc. Some of the alternators and starters do have some housing corrosion due to outside exposure at some point in their lives (or maybe a leaky roof), but particularly with the alternators, it looked to be only cosmetic. A few of the starters were pretty well rusted up, but I doubt he'd send one of those out in response to an order.

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