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PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 6:27 am 
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Spacefrank posted this in another thread. I figured I'd copy it here since it's Road Racin' schtuff... :wink:

Had a good race for once!

Drove the car down to the track Thursday afternoon with the truck and trailer as chase vehicle. Had a good test and tune session. Fluid temps were all great, even at race pace. Found and fixed a leaky trans cooler line early on, then toward the end of the day it started running rough and wouldn't idle, while fogging out the tailpipe with a super rich AFR. Ruled out ignition system problems and finally discovered a stuck open injector, which we replaced.

Saturday the car started on time and drove all the way to the checkered flag with only scheduled stops in the hot pits. Brakes got a little soft but stayed there. Toward the end of the day it developed a bit of a stumble and backfire at high RPMs. That night we bled the brakes and found no evidence of air with no improvement at the pedal, so the engine bay heat is clearly still too much for the master cylinder.

Sunday the car ran pretty well most of the day, but the high-RPM backfiring got worse over the course of the day. Had to replace a different stuck injector when it started fogging for mosquitos again, but that didn't fix the backfiring. Finally the problem got bad enough that the car couldn't be driven over about 60 miles an hour, so we temporarily parked it about two hours before the checkered flag. Bob hooked up a tablet PC for data logging, and I went back out for the last half hour to get some test data. I think we ended up finishing 36th out of 100 cars.

Hayley also raced for the first time with our friends in The Resistance (our Dart is not set up well for shorter drivers), and I think she's hooked. The Resistance also won the IoE award for keeping both their terrible old cars (Soyuz-themed '63 Dart and '80 Civic wagon) running all weekend. Our Dart beat their Dart on laps for the fourth time, but we made them take the Slant Six trophy home for once so we'd stop stubbing our toes on it.

Jason Ernst also came down to help his friend drive a Plymouth Horizon that he just built for Lemons. They kept running most of the weekend and won the Organizer's Choice award.

All in all, it was a great weekend. We spent most of the race actually racing, and we got to hang out with our friends at night instead of working on the car constantly. Next step for us is to add some ventilation to the hood to help move air through the engine bay and stop cooking our coils, injectors, and master cylinder.

Somehow I ended up owning three 1964 slant six A-bodies. I race one of them.
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